Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Tree Decorations

Some folks decorate trees just to be beautiful.  Tanya has done our trees like that as we started with all new trees and ornaments.  Other trees are decorated with sentiment and tradition.  Last year I blogged about our family Christmas tree when we were kids.  Over the years, when my kids were growing up,  we collected many boxes of ornaments, some bought, some gifts, some hand made.  Our trees were beautiful because each ornament had meaning.

One ornament we got from Auntie Marj, was this wintery looking little house that played a tinkly Christmas carol when you pushed a button.  Now May-B hates tinkly tunes that go on and on.  So of course we took advantage of this over the years to drive her crazy. Once she almost destroyed her birthday cake trying to stop a candle holder from tinkling Happy Birthday.  We would hide this house decoration on the tree, wait till we could hear her coming then push the button and run.  She would tear into the tree looking for it.

As we all went our separate ways, dividing up the Christmas stuff was part of May-B's storage clutter reduction.  She sent some to Tanya and I.  I can go through our house and tell you which  ones.  She took pictures of some for me that she knew I would want.

Crocheted by Auntie Noreen?

 Gift for Grandparents

Not sure who made these.  Noreen?

More hand made ornaments from the kids

Ky's Wishes for the World School Project

This sleigh held our Christmas cards each year for many years

A tiny Nativity reminds us of "the Reason for the Season".

Tiny gifts from Great Aunts when the kids were very young
and Carolers from Mrs Y


  1. I put the house up on the tree in the back. The Guy doesn't know about it though, so isn't likely to wake me up with it this year.

  2. Are you going to tell him, Number ONE Son, or am I?


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