Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vindicated - Sort of

Volodya brought my computer back this morning.  He said that the problem was incompatibility between the HP Scanjet 5590 driver and Windows XP Service Pack 3.  I think that is what he said. I understood the English words. We asked Tanya to help but she didn't understand anything he said, Russian or English.  When it comes to computers Tanya makes my sister Evelyn seem like an IT Geek.  At any rate the scanner which worked before no longer works 100%.  I have to figure ways around the parts of the software that no longer work.

Why it worked before and not after the format and reload escapes us both.  Volodya went on line and found that all sorts of people were having the same problem and if he found a solution, we couldn't communicate well enough for him to tell me.

 He helped me put a bunch of programs on it, just to make sure everything stayed working.  And I left and will leave all the programs on it which I don't want just in case one of them is important.

They say when you find yourself in a hole you should first quit digging. Good idea.

Now if Adobe Acrobat 9.0 upgrade will just download for me all will be well.  That and the Office 2007 compatibility package for Office 2003.


  1. Good luck with that. It's bad enough when everyone speaks the same language.

  2. Apparently it may be SP3 that is the problem, not HP. I remain to be convinced that HP is not at least part of the problem and am downloading a new driver for the scanner. Wish me luck.

  3. Darn, didn't I tell you to get a Mac? There's nothing I can't fix on a Mac in an hour or less.
    If you're still having problems let me know and I'll have my resident computer geek help you out.


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