Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good Things Still Happen

Good News Network is a great newsletter that doesn't cost much to subscribe too and fills a void left by mainstream media.  I hope they pick up on this story from Russia.

On November 27th, terrorists derailed the Nevsky Express between Moscow and St Petersburg.  Twenty-six people were killed and over 90 injured as several cars went off the tracks at high speed.  An old grandmother who lived near the tracks had the front of her cottage destroyed by one of the derailed cars. She spent the night hauling all her blankets and spare clothing, other than what she wore to the people who were waiting to be rescued in the winter cold.

Today we watched on the news as she was presented, courtesy of the Russian state,  with a brand new cottage in gratitude for her help that night.  The cottage is lovely,  modern and completely furnished, including gas and running water which she had never had before.  Watching made one fell like tonight she is the "Grandmother of all Russians".  All the people they interviewed talked about how good she was to them that night and how glad they were that she was recognized for her selflessness.

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