Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bingo Babushka

Tanya, Tania, Masha and Lena are downstairs playing Russian Lotto which is similar to Bingo but a bit more challenging.  There is the usual multitude of cards and bag full of numbers.  However the cards consist of 3 rows of nine squares.  15 numbers between 1 and 99 are distributed randomly 5 to a row. 

So when number 37 is called you have to look all over each card you are playing.  None of this Mickey Mouse "Under the G" stuff with only five squares to check. 

Cover all 15 numbers and win or cover a row and win, depends on the rule of that game.

Tanya bought the game for Masha for International Women's Day, back in March.

We played Russian Lotto at Volodya's birthday back in mid-March.  Seven adults (well, OK, one 12 year old going on 18 boy).  I drew and called the numbers.  Good practice for my Russian language.


  1. At least you guys weren't playing Russian Roulette. I hear the looser does not fair well.

  2. You know, that is a term I have NEVER heard here. I would think perhaps it is not Russian in origin.

    Syphilis was known as the French Disease in England and the Spanish Disease in France. Name unpleasant things after people you don't like seems to be the rule.

  3. Just as I suspected: the Russians always do thinks in a more difficult manner.

  4. *cough* The Russians always do "THINGS" in a more difficult manner.....sorry, but the Russian vodka just hit....

  5. More fun and games in the Ukraine. This is good (I think).

  6. Dana, as "Queekstraw" McGraw used to say, "I'll do the thinnin' 'round here".

    Actually Ukraine makes good vodka, too but they call it Horyilka instead of Vodka.

    RB, our old game of StockTicker arrived in one of the care boxes from home. Tanya played it in Canada and we can hardly wait to teach it to Andrei and Roman.


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