Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bobik's New Collar


Bobik, having the nicer collar of the two, generously contributed it to the stray female so Valya could lead her to her new home.  Because we had not yet replaced it, Masha made Bobik a new collar from paper, complete with name tag and nice pink colouring.  She put it on him on Sunday and he is still wearing it.


  1. Three days and counting. This is a collar cut from computer printer paper. Obviously the dog is impressed and is doing his utmost to keep it.

  2. A dog impressed by computer paper? That's sweet on Masha's part, but, well, it says something about how bright Bobik is. Or how protective. Or something.

  3. He is impressed that Masha cared enough to make him a collar.

    Actually, He has probably forgotten about it or he would yank it off and eat it.


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