Monday, April 5, 2010

Mharsky Monastery

When Tanya and I went with Volodya to Chernihiv in mid-March, we stopped at the Mharsky Monastery on our way home.  I had been there in the summer of 1999 and was surprised at how much reconstruction had occurred in the ensuing years.

The Bolsheviks had massacred the monks in 1919 but did not destroy the  place.  It reopened in 1993.  When we were there in 1999 it was occupied but still more or less wide open to the public.  Now it is closed except on certain days, if I understood right.

The first two pictures are from July 1999 and the others from March of this year.

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral
 Mhorsky Monastery

Holodomor Memorial


  1. I have always loved that second picture. Did you take that?

  2. Yes, it was my best ever attempt at being artistic with my camera.

  3. Glad they saved it. I find new buildings have no character.

  4. D, some of the demolished churches have been rebuilt as close to the original as possible. St Micheal's in Kyiv being the most beautiful but there are several in the Pecharsk Lavra too. It takes time and money to rebuild all that was destroyed by the Soviets

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