Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Flowers

It is finally late spring.  The trees are leafing out all over town and  the apricot and cherry trees are all in bloom.  Not in our yard of course.  Because we are low down by the river (creek, swamp, marsh) it is cooler here and we'll be another week at least.

The vegetable garden is almost all planted.  Beets, carrots, peas (already a couple inches high), 10 cabbage plants, a great many onions and about 1/3 in corn.  More peas and beets will go in later, along with cucs and melons.  The umpteen dozen tomato plants in the windows  will be transplanted in a couple of weeks, likely the first week in May.

Tanya's flowers are bursting colour all over her flower garden.  The daffodils and crocuses are done but hyacinths, tulips and lilies, oh, my!  She went out to take pictures for you.

More later.  Figured you needed a break from the previous themed blogs.  Great for picking up readership but hard on friendship, it would seem.  but I'll come back to it in future.


  1. Beautiful! She's done a great job.

  2. Gorgeous! And I get to see it in person, soon! Yippee!

  3. Nice group of pictures. Guess Spring happens everywhere except in Maine.

    Friends should be able to weather philosophical differences.

  4. MB - Passed your comments on. Thanks from Tanya
    Ky - The yard should be full of roses by then. We can hardly wait we are so excited about your visit.
    Mike - It won't be a problem. The blogs just coincided with too many other things and I caught the brunt. It will all work out. We are still friends. And relatives.

  5. If those flowers were in Saskatchewan, most of them could be dead by now. But the pictures show a beautiful garden. Tanya is a talented gardener.


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