Sunday, April 25, 2010

Truly too tired to Blog

Finished my paper for the conference on Wednesday.  I sent it to my friend, mentor and former professor at U of S and he gave me some good ideas  for improvements.  So it is done and sent to Kharkiv.  Not sure they want 6 pages or if they will translate it, but they have it.

Then I abstracted it down to 15 PowerPoint slides using PROMT on-line translator.  If every one bursts out laughing, I'll know it was not exactly correct.

Yesterday's three hour Russian lesson near finished me.  One on one concentrated learning.  Three or four dozen new vocabulary plus writing plus verb conjugation.  This is lesson two but we are on chapter 7 in the elementary text book.  Natalie is marvelous.  She has years of instruction experience with students from all over but especially North Africa and the Middle East, so she KNOWS how to teach adults.  This next week is a write off so my next lesson will be in two weeks.  I have much work to do on my own in the meantime. Tanya helps me study.

Anyhow, here is your laugh from me for the day, from our local paper.

Wife: And why did you call me NADIA all night?!
Husband: Ducia, I was dreaming that I was Lenin*...

(*Lenin's wife was named Nadia)


  1. Wow, are you ever working hard — at Russian and at teaching!

    As long as YOU'RE not dreaming you're Lenin, you'll be OK.

  2. That reminds me of the Ukrainian Parliment. Only they got physical fighting throwing eggs and smoke bombs.

  3. RB - thanks for all your comments, on my earlier blogs too. I was hoping you would get around to reading the two on religion. I was looking for your thoughts on them.
    D - I need to catch up on that. I heard they were going at it. Democracy has a very bad name in the FSU. Russia no longer needs to worry and I see Ukraine moving the same way soon, with full blessing of the people.


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