Saturday, April 3, 2010


I believe in God.  An omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent God.  An eternal God without beginning or end of days.  He always was and always will be.

You cannot prove it scientifically either way.  You believe or you do not believe.

I believe God created the universe and everything in it. Science is busy trying to find out exactly when and how and they are quite close.  I understand they have traced/calculated the universe back to about 1 millionth/1 billionth (???) of a second after the "Big Bang" occurred but not quite to the initial point of the Big Bang itself.  They know roughly how old the universe is and a great deal more about it than I can understand.  Even after reading Stephen Hawking's "A Brief Moment in Time".

Why do I believe God created the Universe and everything in it?  

Because of all the Laws which govern how everything behaves.  Whether physics, chemistry, biology (and every sub-sector within these disciplines), there are certain laws which govern how things happen.  Science is about discovering and understanding these laws.  Physicists have the tough ones as they get out to the edges of the universe and deep inside the workings of sub-atomic particles.  The laws of genetics ensure continuity from generation to generation AND provide enough variation for selection (natural and human assisted) and even for evolution.

Engineers of all stripes take advantage of all the known laws, harnessing them to design and construct various and sundry amazing things. Like cars and rockets and computers and artificial hearts and bridges and electrical grids and . . .

Whenever there are Laws, there must be a Law Giver. Someone who laid down the order by which the universe and everything in it unfolds.

You cannot prove it scientifically either way. You believe or you do not believe.  I believe.


  1. What do you suppose is the difference between those who do believe and those who do not? I ask for myself, I mean. I was raised by two people who believed for their entire lives and whose parents, also, believed for their entire lives. Growing up, most people in my community attended church (not all the same church, but one of the community churches). I attended church during my formative years (until I was around 13, I believe) and, despite that, I have never truly believed. And, as you know, I still don't. Why?

  2. My question is why it is that people can take something simple and good and turn it into something so perverted?
    And it doesn't matter whether you believe or not as long as you can hold on to the underlying truths. And don't let some mega church pastor in a flashy suit try to tell you what it means. Look for yourself.

  3. Violet - that is a tough question. There are lots of reasons to question what religion has become, as Demeur has commented. People tend to throw out God along with religion.

    My underlying suspicion is that a great many of us don't believe because we do not want live the way we know we ought to live if we truly believed.

    We are like St Augustine, "Lord, make me righteous but not yet".

  4. I think it's fascinating that science is finding out more and more of the how the world was created. I have no doubt that God did the creating, but it's neat to see the how he did it -- even if we don't understand every aspect of it.

    I definitely agree with the suspicion that many of us don't believe because we don't want to live the way we know we should. It is a huge reason.

    Also, people pervert everything. It's what we do. Give us a perfect system and we will screw it up.

  5. I WORKED HARD all my life, believing. I served. I prayed. I worked. I studied. I practiced my belief. Sadly, there's no benefit in trying to force it.

    The problem is that anything we have to WORK so hard at doing, can fall by the wayside due to situations beyond our control.

    But the fact that you JUST * PLAIN * BELIEVE * is what holds up through the years, versus those of us who have to WORK at doing it.

    My sister says: "I JUST KNOW".

  6. Some things I just know, Dana. Other things I have a great deal of difficulty with. They are tougher to blog about but I will try, over time.


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