Thursday, April 15, 2010

Canadian War Crimes

It is against the law for a country to turn prisoners over to another country if there is a danger that they will be tortured.  Canadian forces in Afghanistan routinely turned prisoners over the Afghan Security Forces even though the Canadian government had been told as early as 2006 by Canadian Diplomat Richard Colvin that they would be tortured.  The Canadian government denies any knowledge of anything and the Military Police Complaints Commission began an investigation last week into Mr Colvin's charges that his warnings were ignored.

The "evidence" has been scrubbed clean by Canadian censors in the name of "National Security".

The following are links to Globe & Mail articles and editorials which are worth reading if you at all care about Canada's moral position in the world.  We are guilty of aiding and abetting the very behaviour we are supposedly fighting to prevent.


  1. This is, sadly, a national disgrace. And so typical of the thinking of the current government.

  2. Cries of "national security" come early in cover-ups.


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