Thursday, April 15, 2010


We put new summer tires on the KIA yesterday.  The winter tires will last another season but the Hancook summer tires we took off last fall were worn out after two summers.  One balances tires in Ukraine but as I mentioned before one does not do wheel alignments.

Trying to find good quality affordable tires was not easy.  (Note: FX rate is 8 UAH to the CAD or USD).  The place I usually go to have tires repaired and from whom I bought the winter tires two years ago quoted between 850 and 950 UAH per tire for Michelin or Continental.  In Canada I would not have quarreled with that as anything under $125 for good tires, installed is OK in my books.  But the roads are so bad here that I am torn between cheap throw away tires that could be dangerous or good tires that may get wrecked anyhow.

Andrei said that Nokian Hakka H tires, made in Finland had been rated as the best tires for the money.  We were quoted 740 UAH so yesterday we went to Krivii Rih to see if we could find something cheaper but still acceptable quality - in the 600 UAH ($75) range. 

We went to two big tire stores, all with well known brands but no bargains.  We went to Epicentre (Costco/Home Depot).  Their Nokians were Russian made.  No thanks.  We went to the big market place for all things made in Russia/Ukraine automotive.  We found Kumho tires for 600 UAH.  I could live with that.  No credit cards of course so off we went to find a bank machine and grab a quick lunch.  Forty-five minutes later the Kumho tires were now 700 UAH.  "It's Ukraine".

So we drove back to Zhovti Vody and put on the Nokians at 740 installed.  Good tires for $370.

By the way, that is a month's wages for a great many people and two months' for rural farm workers, street sweepers and the like.


  1. Isn't capitalism great? 600 to 700 over lunch! Even if 700 is a month's salary for urban workers. Sounds like U.S. Health Insurance.

  2. Do you have some photos you can post of typical road conditions? Would be interesting to see. Are they worse than Saskatchewan rural roads??

  3. RB - yes, a set of 4 tires increased in price about $1 per minute while we were away.
    Meg - I was thinking of doing that. Saskatchewan has no clue about bad roads. They just have no clue!

  4. I take it none of you have ever been to Pennsylvania also know as the pot hole capital of the world.
    Anything under $400 U.S. is not a bad price for a set of four installed.


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