Saturday, June 5, 2010

Everything is comin' up roses

Anyone who hasn't figured out I am so very proud of Tanya's flower garden isn't paying attention.  And while there are many many beautiful flower gardens around our town, this one is close, so it is easy to take pictures.  (Lois, I hope you and Jerry come and visit us in summer as Tanya would love to learn your expertise and ideas about organizing the flower beds).

The warm weather after the rain is really bringing on the summer flowers.  And the kitchen gardens.  Lena and Tanya froze the first five packages of peas today.  And Victor's cow got a bucket of pea shells.

The girls better get here quick as Tanya's roses are going to peak in the next week or two!!

In a few more days this area will be filled with roses
This tea rose bush is just loaded with blossoms.  It was planted three years ago.
Tanya loves yellow roses.  Maybe she has Texas roots somewhere?
Her first Calla Lillies
Tanya's favourite flowers; she calls them "Grandmother's bells" in Russian


  1. Al and Tanya,
    The flowers are beautiful. I would like to have Tanya give me some pointers in gardening. I lost all of my rose bushes this winter; winterkill I believe due to our early and hard frost before we had any snow cover. My consolation is that I now get to choose new bushes. Keep the pictures coming.
    Love, Sonja (and David)

  2. I am wondering if I can borrow Tanya for a month or two to help me figure out what I should be doing with my garden. She very clearly has a green thumb. I'm just green with jealousy.

  3. My goodness. What an amazing garden!

    You are rightfully proud of Tanya's accomplishments, BF.

  4. I think Tanya could probably show me a thing or two. My reputation exceeds my actual ability. I would love to see Tanya's garden and talk shop with her. Maybe we will get over there one day.!

  5. I wonder if Tea roses are the same as Tea Cup roses? Ask Tanya because they are my FAVORITE!! This year, NOTHING is growing in my yard. It has to be ME because the neighbor's house looks like a fantasy land.

  6. Sonja, sorry you lost your roses. Tanya babies hers in fall, covering them with dead leaves or even wraps pieces of old blanket around them.
    Violet, she does indeed have a green thumb. She can plant or transplant anything and it seems to grow. She is constantly digging and planting.
    Lois, you are being too modest, but the two of you talking shop would be great. Jerry and I could go fishing. Or girl watching. Or something.
    Dana, teacup roses brings lots of pictures of teacups but only one comment that they are actually Tea roses. Wiki has a whole pot load of stuff on Roses. China roses and Tea roses are related but not the same. Who knew.
    RB and May-B, I passed on your admiration and that of everyone else to Tanya who said thanks very much and smiled.

  7. How big is your yard? It's hard to tell from the photos. Is it an acreage or just a large urban lot?


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