Sunday, June 13, 2010

I am a weary and a lonesome traveler

Ky arrived at Boryspil Airport dead tired but game to go.  I was so glad to see my girl, you wouldn't believe how good it was.

Our man Kostia couldn't meet us at the airport but his friend Sergei did and took us to our flat near the railway station.  Ky slept for three hours then we went for supper and walked around the City a bit.  She did "Walk-By Shootings" of The Golden Gate, St Sofia's Cathedral and St Micheal's Church, as of course nothing was open at that hour of the evening. 


  1. Hurray! She made it!

    Hurray! You made it, too!

    Now, if you both get home, it will even be better.

  2. Have a wonderful visit. I am so happy for you. Ky you look amazing with your hair done that way!

  3. Ky's hair looks awesome for having just travelled a million hours.

    Wish I was there!

  4. Also, I'm REALLY sad Ky didn't get to meet Kostia.


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