Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Plan B or I'm Going Anyway

Where ya goin'?
Ya got worms?
Yeah, but I'm goin' anyway.

So Ky's Victoria to Seattle flight was canceled.  Mechanical trouble.  She is coming a day later.  Too late to change my train ticket.  It is summer and the trains are full unless you book weeks in advance. So I am going to Kyiv tomorrow morning anyhow.  I'm leaving my computer home and taking my Russian to study during my day of rest. (As you said, Demeur, the best laid plans of . . .)

I haven't blogged much in the past couple of days as I have been super busy trying to finish a work project before the girls get here. Almost.  We'll see what the boss think of it.

Also helped put together a team for a bid on a sheep development project in an FSU republic.  I'm a good extension person.  I know a little about everything, not much about anything and I know the people who KNOW.  Got a call from a consulting firm about the project.  I knew one person.  She knew one person.  He knew one person.  He knew one person. So in under a week we had a four person team of exactly the right specialties and most importantly, in-country experience.  Now if we can just get a sheep development project in Ukraine. . .

Tanya and Lena have been gardening all week.  Peas, strawberries, sour cherries for jam and compote (fruit juice).  Lots of fresh garden salads.  Our lettuce is incredible this year. 


  1. things I never knew before this post: compote = fruit juice. And it always bothered me that I didn't know... so thanks! :)

  2. Steph, when you preserve fruit in glass jars, you boil it in a sugar and water syrup. Our mother made us eat the fruit but the juice always tasted wonderful and we ate the fruit just to get the juice in the jar. Compote is what they call the juice from fruit cooked in sugar syrup. Here they are smart, throw the fruit away and just drink the juice!!! Old habits die hard. I eat the fruit.

  3. Never thought I'd see the day when a cattle man was doing sheep stuff. Isn't that some kind of sacrilege or something? Even if it is a good deal?

    Ya just never know what's gonna happen in this world. Da?

  4. Auh Oh looks like the spammers are circling. Is that Japanese or Korean? this looks baaaaaad as the sheep would say.

  5. I delete the spammers in recent posts and sometimes go through and delete them from much older ones. I am always curious about how they pick old posts to spam. As to language, I thought it was Chinese, but don't know how to tell. I thought Japanese and Korean characters were simpler.

    RE sheep, as long as I don't have to give advice to people on HOW to raise them I am fine. Identifying market opportunities and critical areas in establishing an industry or an enterprise I can handle. And range maggots don't taste that bad in a roast or stew. I'm not that proud.


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