Friday, June 4, 2010

Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks

We cannot let Bobik and Volk run free anymore as they tend to romp through people's gardens and damage a few plants. Which doesn't bother me but tends to bother other people.  So the other day, we had to tie them up in order to have free passage between their yard and the back yard.  The two trees were just far enough apart they could touch noses but not tangle each other. 

Bobik figured out immediately what was up and sat in the shade and watched the world go by.  Volk wanted to fight the leash and spent most of his time wrapped around the tree.  First thing he did was dump his water dish.

In other news, the stray German Shepard female we found a home for had eight pups.  Our Post Lady was laughing with Tanya that they have no idea what they will do with them.  I am sure they will all find homes, though.

Kuchma has found a new girl friend, way down at the end of our street.  White and gray, pretty spooked of us, as when he brings her home for dinner, she runs if we come outside. 

We started buying milk from a neighbour down the street.  Three litre jar every Sunday morning.  We would as soon pay him as the grocery store and it has 4 or 5 inches of cream on top by Monday morning.  Kuchma thinks he has died and gone to heaven.  Roman too.  Tanya puts it in her coffee but the cat and the kid actually drink the stuff.


  1. We go through about 3L of milk EACH DAY around here! I need your neighbour. Or a cow of my own. Either one would be fine with me.

  2. I haven't seen milk with cream on the top since I was a kid. Oops my age is showing.

  3. Violet, neighbours are easier to get along with than cows.
    Demeur, if I drank milk today like the stuff I was forced to drink as a kid, it would likely kill me. Stinkweed and mature crested wheatgrass, along with whatever fell into the open pail during milking. Even thinking about farm milk makes me gag.

  4. You can actually teach an old dog new tricks. It just takes dog longer to learn. No reflection on you, BF.

    Shepherd puppies; Kuchma's girlfriend; milk from a neighbour. I'd say you're fitting right in.

    Which is good. Da?

  5. RB, this old dog is taking a long time to learn the new trick of speaking Russian. My teacher is encouraging but I feel overwhelmed most of the time.

  6. If you were meant to speak Russian, you would have been born in Russia.

    For you, I think it's more likely an acquired taste, like good Scotch.


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