Monday, June 14, 2010

Hotter'n the Hubs o' Hell

For the past several days it has been hot.  Thursday was hot.  Friday when Ky arrived it was hot.  Saturday when we set out to see some of Kyiv it was Gawdawful hot.  We had breakfast with our friend Natasha who is Lyn's age and the three of us set out to see the big botanical garden, arriving about 10:30.  The lilacs and peonies were done of course (the first two weeks in May are optimal for them) and we never did find the rose gardens because it was too hot to look. We would walk and rest in the shade, walk and rest.  And drink water. And sweat (or perspire if you were female).

We did climb the hill overlooking Vidyubetski monastery.  In this view you can see the Left Bank of the Dnipro River.  It is all high rise apartments, making morning and afternoon traffic on the bridges insane as businesses are on the Right Bank.

From there we went to Pecherske Lavra Monastery and went through a number of the buildings.  The two girls went into the caverns which were the original monastery 1000 years ago, to see the mummified monks.  I've been once and am afraid to go back as it is small and cramped.  I am afraid that I'll get stuck like Winnie the Poo at Rabbit's after eating honey..

We said goodbye to Natasha and caught the Express at 5:45, arriving in P'yatikhatki-Stikova at 10:00 pm.  Andrei met us at the train and said it had been 40C (104F).  Which might account for the number of liters of fluids we consumed.

We were at the house by 11:00 and Tanya had a big supper waiting. 


  1. All that adventuring in the heat, and you lived to get home and tell the tale!

    Well BF and Ky!

  2. I am highly amused at the image of you stuck like Winnie the Pooh.

  3. Are those lilac bushes in the foreground of the photo?

    This photo is my new desktop wallpaper.

  4. They are indeed lilac bushes. That botanical garden has every variety of lilac on earth and in early May is absolute heaven for us lilac fans. Some of the lilacs grow 30' tall.


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