Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Garden Update

Part of the side flower garden
Front end of side flower garden
Another part of the side flower garden
Masha's Flower Garden and our "lawn".  
We are letting it go to seed to help thicken it up.  
What kind of grass it is I don't know.  Ideas anyone?
Strawberry Fields Forever.
The strawberries are just starting and there will be many.  That picture is just 2/3 of the patch.
To the left, just out of the picture are two cherry trees.  We are picking one now and the other will be ready in a week or less.
Corner shot of our kitchen garden.  It goes to the stake you can just see about centre of that building.  Peas will be ready next week.  


  1. That's.. wow. I'm stunned. I will not be showing you photos of my tiny, disorganized garden of which I complain wildly about weeding and planting and all that. :)


  2. I hadn't imagined that the warm season would progress so rapidly in your part of the world. I enjoyed the photos.

  3. Thanks, everyone. I will pass on your admiration to Tanya.

    Flowers are her passion and she works at it every day. For hours. In summer it is her life. Lena does much of the work in the vegetable garden this year and will of course get most of the vegetables.

    Future plans are for a rock garden and to organize the various flowers into better beds of like and heights etc. They are still very much scattered and she is constantly adding new plants, varieties, species, colours.

  4. The weather here is so bad farmers can't plant their crops (too wet and very cool). Their fields are puddles. So count yourself lucky.

  5. Saskatchewan has apparently set records this year for coldest April and May and most precipitation. Some places got double 30 year normal rainfall. There are a lot of acres not planted.


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