Friday, June 18, 2010

It's the Rules

I bought Roman a new keyboard yesterday for his birthday as his old one had a broken wire.  He took it home and it didn't work so today we took it back to the big electronics shop where we bought it.  The same girl was at the till and knew who we were.  We had the receipt and the MC slip.  They needed a passport.  Mine or Roman's.  Didn't matter but to return it they needed a passport with positive identification.  We went and got Roman's passport and got the amount credited to my MC.  I was so proud.  I had mastered enough Russian to tell them their service was terrible and that I will not buy anything from them again.

We went to a little computer shop "Mir" and got excellent service, a 5% discount card and the knowledge that problems would be dealt with immediately with no red tape.  I like small shops.

This afternoon Tanya, Ky and I drove to Krivii Rih to get the 75,000 km oil change done on the Kia.  That cost us about $120.  For an oil change.  The next one is due at 90,000 km and our warranty runs out at 100,000.  I can get it done locally by a mechanic I trust for about 1/3 that so I think we will skip the last oil change at KIA Motors.

We had a couple hours to kill while we waited for the oil change, so took a taxi to our favourite store to shop and have tea.  We got in line at a till and Tanya told Ky and I to go ahead to the on-site restaurant and wait for her.  We slipped past the other customers in the line and we hauled up sharply by the sales clerk who informed us we could NOT exit there, we had to go back to the place marked EXIT.  I thought Ky would hurt herself laughing.  She is learning about Ukraine.


  1. If you are going 15,000 km between oil changes on the Kia, are you using synthetic oil? For $120 is the oil very expensive or is it high labour rates? With regular oil we get it changed at 5,000 km.

  2. DC he took it to a dealer. What did you expect?

  3. I like small shops too — local, owner-operated, eager to "get it right."

    And I agree with you and Demeur — "take it to the dealer" = "expect to get ripped off."

  4. The oil is expensive, $10/litre, but I don't know what they put in so have no idea if it is expensive regular oil or cheap synthetic. Synthetic in Canada was supposed to last 40,000 km with a filter change in between (and another litre to fill the filter) but I never tried it. I think it is just dealer overcharge. Same as we used to get before we got consumer protection laws in place.


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