Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sofiyivka Park

Sofiyivka Park is located just outside of the town of Uman (ooman) which is two hours (200 km)  south of Kyiv on four lane but 5 hours (324 km) from Zhovti Vody on something a little less.  We consider it a day trip and left at 6:00 am to prove it. Lena went with us as she had never been.  Lovely day, no more than 20 to 23C all day.

The park was built 200 years ago by a Polish noble in honour of his wife Sofia, one of THE most beautiful women of her time, well known in the courts of Europe and very much a character in her own right.  There is a full history on the official website linked above.

 The serpent fountain is the most recognizable symbol of the park.  
There is no pump involved, the water comes from the upper lake.

Gazebo on the "Island of Love" in the upper lake.

One of the waterfalls from the upper lake cools this grotto.

The three story house on the right is the original mansion.  
Greenhouses were added to each side

Everything is so green.

 A family of swans

 We enjoyed the huge trees and the cool shade. 


  1. First - they're pronouncing it incorrectly, it's "You-man." I know this for a fact. :) When I get there, someday, I'll let everyone know.

    Second - beautiful! Wow!

  2. Gorgeous and no rain!

  3. Уман - Cyrillic; Uman - English. The Cyrillic letter У is pronounced oo. The proper pronunciation of Украин (Ukraine) is Oo-krah-een, with the last two syllables run together.

    The vowel You in Russian or Ukrainian is Ю as in Юри (Yuri). Now you know.

    And we could use a good general rain. We are dry. Europe is wet with floods in several countries from rivers overflowing. Central Asia is a dust bowl. Crops here look not bad but could use rain.

  4. A touch fancier than Wascana Park, eh?

    Glad you're out exploring in the (semi) reasonable heat.


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