Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lee Hart Says Kind Words about Our Medical System

Lee Hart is an Ag columnist.  I know his writing shows up in Grainews and maybe other places too.  His blog covers odds and sods on the Ag front but for the past two months has also told of the recovery of a young man who suffered a severe head injury in an ATV accident.  Today's blog recounts the replacement of a palm size piece of skull bone in the boy's head and credits the Canadian health care system.


  1. Good comments. Amazing medical work.

  2. My nephew at age 14, was not only run over by a huge garbage truck, his head was trapped above the axle.

    Half of his skull was removed and placed inside his abdomen so that it could stay alive while allowing his brain to swell.

    He was in ICU for four months. His father took nursing classes so that he could stay with his son and tend to him without having to rely on the call button at the hospital.

    And yet, so many others die when they just stumble and fall on carpet.

    Sometimes medical intervention helps, sometimes it prolongs the inevitable and all other times, it fails miserably.

  3. Dana, that was...I'm stuck for an adjective that isn't over used.. about your nephew. Wonderful, incredible, awesome, miraculous. Yes, sometimes the system works well and sometimes it does not as you can attest.

  4. Both boys are lucky. In the U.S. it's no job? No insurance. No insurance? Die quickly. I don't think the Soviets were that cruel were they?


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