Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eau de Poo

The heat has been really hard on the dogs.  We have been currying them every day for the last while trying to get their fine insulating winter hair off of them.  There seemed to be no end of it, day after day of combing. 

Tanya felt that after gaining experience cutting my hair she was prepared to tackle the dogs, so with Ky's help they got a hair cut yesterday.  Between combed out hair and cut hair there was enough to start another two dogs.

Ky, Masha and I took the dogs for a walk last evening when it sort of cooled off to 30C.  They are very good on their leashes now.  We took a different route, a path on the east side of the marsh/river, angling up to a road which we double back on to go home. 

As we started up the path Bobik hit the ground in absolute ecstasy and began rolling.  Something smelled bad about this situation.  About 10 feet away were five or six wheelbarrow dumps of fresh wet pig manure.  Both dogs headed straight for it but thankfully they were on their leashes.

Bobik slipped his collar.


  1. She did about the same job of the dogs as I did on Vicki. It's harder than it looks!

  2. Looks not to bad, but cheaper than a groomer for sure. And maybe less paper work.

  3. I was determined to clip my daughter's two dogs but I knew the hell I would pay if I destroyed their long hair. So after she picked them up Sunday, Joe and I hit the floor running with vacuum cleaners, brooms, sticky tape, and there's still hair wafting out from under odd places.

  4. If you card all that hair/undercoat, May-B could use it to knit you a nice soft sweater! I used to think about that when brushing out Moshi my husky. Her undercoat was just like wool.

  5. Their under coat hair is short, 3/4" maybe. But thick...as hair on a dog.


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