Monday, October 11, 2010

Kemer Holiday

We are staying at the Beldiana Hotel in Kemer, south west of Antalya.  The hotel is quite nice, no four star though that is how it is billed, but clean, spacious bedrooms and our own air conditioning unit which we don't need.  The meals are plain but good food and for what we paid it is wonderful ($1100 for the two of us airfare incl.)  There are blocks of shopping just across the road, the beach is coarse sand and the water is perfect. I even went in the water today for an hour.  It is warmer and saltier than the Black Sea and easier to float.

Wednesday we are going on an excursion to Pamukale which I visited several years ago.  Last time we were in Turkey on holidays, two years ago, we went to Myra and visited the church of Saint Nicholas.

The narrow strip between the mountains and sea is crowded with hotels and shops

Tanya wanted to go to work immediately trimming up the flower beds

Trees covered with flowers fill the yard

Banana or plantain.  Anyone know the difference?

Beach area for our hotel.  Beach on the right belongs to a hotel which is closed for the season

Antalya is the thin white line on the sea edge far away
More later


  1. Kind of looks like my area of the world but we have more trees but then you'd know that having been to BC which is the same.


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