Monday, October 25, 2010

Two more dog stories

When Tanya and I were at the train station to go to Kyiv on our way to Turkey we noticed a dog lying on the walk, just resting.  We stopped top talk to her, a two to five year old Beagle-German Shepherd cross of some kind with a beautiful intelligent head.  She was quite friendly. What we didn't notice until we walked on and she followed us, walking on her two front legs only, was that she had lost both back legs about half way up.  Perils of living in a rail yard, I guess. 

Anyhow, she was pretty mobile on two legs, with massive chest and shoulder development.  Tanya immediately worried about who would look after her in winter, but she was obviously well fed and must have had a warm place to sleep.  Not a great life but a life;  making the best of it.

About three Februaries ago, I was sitting in the car at the insurance office, waiting for some documents.  Nearby, an old babushka was cutting the small flexible branches from a weeping birch, maybe to weave something, I don't know.  Five or six dogs were playing nearby and one came over to see what she was doing.  She yelled at it and swiped at it with her twigs.  The dog ran off.

A few minutes later it was back with another dog.  the two of them stopped a safe distance from the old lady and proceeded to bark a strip off her hide.  They barked and barked and barked at her.  When they were satisfied that they had told her off sufficiently, they then went about their business.  What sort of names do dogs call people?  "You spawn of a cat"?  "You Mail Delivery Person"?


  1. As a companion to a three legged dog, I can testify to their adaptibility.

    I imagine the complainers were using words like bitch and "you so ugly you couldn't mate with a pug."

  2. That you've totally gone to the dogs is no surprise, BF.

    But the stories are great!

  3. Well, I'm dog tired so will have a nap while Tanya makes supper. Tomorrow I cook. The dogs will eat well.

    Mike, I like that last one. Now that is an insult!

  4. Ceasar (The Dog Whisperer) says not to feel sorry for the dog who has suffered great tragedy, but to be proud of the fact it has survived and continues to thrive.

    I love your puppy stories.

  5. Dogs seem to adapt better than humans.
    How about "Hey lady get away from our tree!"

  6. Our postal carrier is, quite literally, phobic of dogs, even our miniature schnauzer whom nobody else in the known world is afraid of.

  7. Then there is the time honoured "I wouldn't take you to a dog fight, even if you'd win".

    My dogs loved the mail carrier at one house. She loved dogs and always carried treats. They would wait at the window in the morning for her to arrive and bark like crazy until my daughter or I opened the door for them.


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