Friday, October 22, 2010

Red Shoes

Written Thursday:

Tanya’s cold was much better today.  The sun was shining and the sky clear so we went to the beach.  Tanya didn’t go swimming which nearly killed her but she soaked up the sun for a couple hours before noon.  I went swimming then tried to get a bit of colour.  I didn’t want to sunburn my tummy – imagine a giraffe with a sore throat and you get the picture.

After lunch we went shopping.  With Valya and Elena gone home, I had to go along.  Bleah.  Tanya was closing deals she had been working on all week.  She bought a leather “Prada” handbag for $25, that she had been eyeing, then went looking for (more) shoes.  The sandals that were $8 yesterday were $10 today so she kept on going.  Found another store with these red shoes that she fell in love with.  She tried on every pair of shoes in the store but always went back to the red.  Did I mention I hate shopping?

She decided $35 was too much.  $25.  No way.  We left and got about four stores away when the salesman called out $30.  Done.

Written Friday:

Another beautiful day.  We spent an hour swimming this morning and an hour in the sun. Tanya is still coughing but couldn't stay out of the sea.  It was like glass this morning and the water is so clear you can see bottom at almost any depth.


  1. I envy Tanya's ability to recover from a cold. Mine always becomes bronchitis. I hate shopping also, but at Walmart, when I walk away, they don't yell a cheaper price at me. I like your way better.

  2. Tanya — born to shop. What else can I say?

  3. Have a great time. Sounds like Tanya is enjoying the shopping (nice shoes.) I looked on a Turkey state weather site and saw you have highs about 27C in that area.

  4. You should come to the U.S. to shop now. In the past nothing was negotiable now just about everything is.

  5. Dana, recovery means her throat isn't sore and she feels good. Coughing half the night doesn't count.

    DC we have had a great time. Tanya spent all day in the sea and in the sun. Great tan. I stayed out for an hour again today and have a small amount of colour on my back.


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