Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spas-ed out

Hard enough to dull an axe

Cleopatra's fish farm uh, Pool

Modern Pamukkale Spa Town

New Luxury Spa going up
Those who read my Truskavets series from a couple of years ago (starting here) will know I am not entirely sold on miraculous cures from "taking the waters".  The water at Pamukkale is touted as curing everything external or internal.  Judging from the mineral content it should certainly cure constipation.  The Romans knew a good thing when they saw it ie people who think spas are useful must have money and should be parted from it as soon as possible.  Modern Turkey is onto it as well.  Going into the hot pool in Hieropolis is $18.  It reminded me of a fish farm.  The Romans built on top of the hill as it was the source of hot water and easier to defend.  The Turkish spa town of Pamukkale is at the bottom of the hill to escape UNESCO.


  1. It is so bizarre to me that people still buy into this stuff. I thought it went out with the 19th century!

    Although, it could be worse. Maryanne was telling me about "spas" in Germany in the 30s but replace water treatment with radiation treatment. YIKES.

  2. Just read your series of posts on the locations you are visiting. Interesting and great pictures. At first I thought the travertines looked like waterfalls or rapids. They are basically giant sculptures of Tums.

  3. Not sure who really believes in the curative powers of spas but all the extras that go with them are nice - massages and such.

    Giant tums sculptures. Good description, DC.


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