Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunday is Election Day in Ukraine

Tomorrow Ukraine will vote in Oblast, Raion, City, Town and Village elections.  Since I can't vote, nor understand the campaigning, I have ignored it pretty much; just enjoyed the billboards, promoting this one or that one.  The Governor (and therefore the Executive) of the Oblast is appointed by the president anyhow so how much good the local councils do, I am not sure.

THE power position as I may have mentioned before is the Chief Prosecutor for the Oblast (equivalent to province). He decides who is investigated for what crimes by the criminal police or the tax police.  Any business person of any note MUST have this man as a "Roof" in teh local vernacular.

Some time back, I blogged about the adventures of one of Tanya's "friends", Nadia, who, in the chaos of privatization in the 90's, ended up with the local grain terminal in P'yatikhatki.  She apparently skimmed $20,000,000 of farmer's money and about a year ago, lit a shuck for Greece with her face on a wanted poster.  The charges have since been dropped (see paragraph above), the elevator turned over to her family and the lady returned to Ukraine.

She is running on behalf of the Party of the Regions (President Yanukovych's party) for a Deputy's post in the Dnipropetrovs'k Oblast Rada.  In that party, she will be in good company.


  1. Wow and I thought we had a three ring circus here. What no sex scandal involved?

  2. Sex isn't considered scandalous in Ukraine. Unless it is with a person of the same sex. Or a Black. Or Jew. You get the picture?

  3. Oh yes I forgot your Russian jokes were quite telling about that situation.


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