Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blog Readership

I love numbers, charts, figures and statistics.  Especially about cows and stuff like that but about almost anything.  On my blog is a map showing where people are located who have hit my blog on a given day accumulated over a month and if you click on it, it gives the stats by country.

This past month, the blog was viewed 1100 times, which is a record for me.  I guess I can thank May-B for linking me to Facebook via Twitter.

Canada supplied 653 views, USA 261.  Other countries are listed below.  Disregard Ukraine as most of it is me.  (Yes, it counts when I go to my blog to comment or check to see how it looks after I post).

I expect the low level hits , 1-4's are casual wanderings, but would love to know who reads my blog in Europe and why.


  1. If you used Sitemeter you can dig a bit deeper into why somebody visited by referral or search. But not always.

  2. I'll have to check out Sitemeter. Thanks.
    I just wish they would comment.

  3. I've been using that same site (the one you use) for years now and I'd like to know how you finagled it so that you could print it out on your blog. PLEASE?

    You'd be amazed at the weird (ie: scary) places where someone visited me from...dangling participles be dammed.

    I'm in a foul mood today. I better leave before I expose myself...oh...uh...bye

  4. Dana, the map is easy. Just right click and save it as a jpeg. The stats were all done by that illegal immigrant Manuel Labourer in EXCEL. I could not get it to just copy and paste from the website.

    I inserted the EXCEL table into Word, saved it as a PDF using Adobe Acrobat, converted the PDF to a jpeg and then cleaned it up with MS Office Picture Manager.

    Took me half an hour. There must be an easier way.


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