Monday, October 4, 2010

Unholy Trinity: Katrina, Albaugh and Brown

Suzan of Welcome to Pottersville 2 posts links to and quotes from a great many other news sources and political blogs. 

Bush era foreign policy and contempt for the constitution is continued under Obama. Obama Argues His Assassination Program Is A "State Secret".

 Goldman Sachs is considering a PR campaign to improve their image after helping create and then profiting from the greatest depression since the 1930's (and it ain't over yet) Here are the Top 10 suggested ad slogans.

Here is another worth reading.  the FBI have begun raiding anti-war protesters.  Peaceniks.  To prevent "violent extremism".  It Is Official: The US Is A Police State I read an old news article somewhere I can't find now that in 2005, using the Patriot Act, a university student was interrogated by American secret police of one stripe or another because he ordered by interlibrary loan a copy of Mao's Little Red Book.

The clincher is this article on how political connections worked in the Bush era to put incompetent Brown in FEMA in time for Hurricane Katrina.  Cleaning up disasters pays better than preventing them as this in-depth investigative journalism shows.
(The real tragedy of Katrina of course being that it exposed, for all the world to see, how well the "American Dream" works for ALL its citizens).

Makes Ukraine and Russia seem almost transparent, law-abiding and scrupulously honest.  Of course, we are all amateurs over here.

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