Monday, October 4, 2010

Volk is the next dog going on Ebay

Volk was being his obstreperous self last night and refused to come home when called.  So I left him.  He treed a cat in the walnut trees across from our bedroom window and barked.  I went out to get him; he ran off. By the time I was back in bed he was back barking at the cat.  After several repeats, I gave up.  Thirty minutes of barking at the cat later, so did Volk. 

At 1:00 am, I went outside and he was huddled on the front porch in the corner behind the door, where he usually waits when he has been bad.  I picked him up, patted him (he is so dejected and woe-ed when he is bad) and carried him to the dog run.  I saw a shoe on the road.  Not a good sign.

We have a basket outside the front door to keep our yard shoes and spare slippers in, along with other tidy-up stuff that accumulates around doors.  After barking at the cat and before hiding behind the door, he hauled my runners, Tanyas runners and a pair of slippers out onto the street.  I found my runners, one of Tanya's and one slipper along the block.  Tanya's other runner showed up this morning in the grass and the slipper is still missing. 

May-B has the right idea.


  1. A fun night for the dog while the cat sat in the tree snickering.

  2. I've never had that problem, BF; sorry you have but I don't know how to commiserate.

    When I walk a dog, it's always on a lead. After that, it's in a fully-enclosed yard, or in the house.

  3. BF I hear Hungary may be sending you a little present. Hope you like the color red.:-(
    On a serious note I hear it's the rainy season in Hungary which is a bad thing and a good thing. Bad because it will spread the spill but good because it will dilute it before it gets to the Ukraine. Or will we be calling it the Red Danube?

  4. Well what else did you expect him to do? A cat up a tree is entertaining only so long. You should have sat up and waited for him to finish.

    bad, bad, BF.

  5. Rob, there is something about seeing two dogs racing down the road and back with the pure joy of being free to run that makes it all worthwhile.

    Dana, I am a bad dogfather.

    Demeur, somehow the Red Danube Waltz just doesn't have that je ne sais qua. That is really ugly stuff from what I read, including on your blog. Caustic and radioactive. Something out of a horror movie and eastern Europe gets to live it.


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