Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pew Survey of Questions on Religion

Some weeks ago, the big news was that in a 32 question survey about religion, atheists beat out everyone else.  Not to be proud of.  Average score was 16 and atheists scored 21.  So this morning while Tanya is in town shopping, I decided to find the survey. 

No big deal.  It is all general questions and pass or fail has not much to do with you as a believer (or not) but more on your education and general knowledge.  Though if you don't know the difference between Moses and Abraham. . .

Here are survey questions from The Christian Science Monitor Pew Survey of Questions on Religion  For some reason it starts at question 32 and works backwards to question 1 which also has the answers.

I got two wrong.  Good luck.  Let me know how you do on the comment section.  Snowbrush, I know you got 100% and would have expected nothing less from you. Number ONE Son, I expect the same from you (no pressure).


  1. Hey Pop,
    I actually got three wrong. Did not know when the mormon church started, don't know who meomenides?? is, and not sure about Jonathan Edwards.

    Im impressed you only got two wrong.

  2. I'm on my way. Snowbrush didn't give the url.

    It does not surprise me that christians aren't all that "up" on the words they defend without understanding.

    The usual war cry is: I know what I know cuz I feel it in my heart.

    I think there's a hymn by that title.

  3. I got the Mormon church start up date question, blew the Edwards-Finney and had read previous who Eumenedes was so counted it as wrong as I would never have guessed.

    Eumenedes was a Greek tailor. Euripedes was his customer.

  4. I got 6 wrong. Not too shabby though I screwed up the one about Job. Oops!

  5. You're totally right about that first test, that it was much more a question of education than one of religious ignorance. If you were questioning each person on their own religious ideas it would have had a different outcome.

  6. I tied you so I guess we keep up on such things or maybe we're that old. :-)

  7. Demeur, It is age. Just living so many years allows us to collect 10 million useless pieces of information.

  8. So, OK; I got 32 out of 32.

    The question is, "Does that really matter, in the overall scheme of things?"

    This is obviously an American-based process, so some of those questions would be of little significance in terms of overall readers. Just as the question of, "What is Canada's State church?" would be of little significance to those other than Canadians. (For the record, the Anglican Church is our state Church; the Queen is the head of it. If you're American, read "Episcopal" for "Anglican.")

  9. Canada has a state church? I didn't know though am not surprised that we do nor that it is Anglican.

    The questions really don't count for much unless Trivial pursuit starts including a section on Religions.


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