Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another Sonya Story - GiST #5

1. Why I love other people's kids.  Sonya is supposed to be learning to read. Her mother asked her to read a book to her.  Sonya refused "I can't read. I can't remember the words.  I can't understand it.  Etc etc." Her mother wrote on a piece of paper in Russian of course "Sonya is being an ___" (rhymes with grassmole).  Sonya said "What did you write?  Is it about me?  Let me see that. . .   MOTHER, that is a terrible word! NEVER call me that" "See, you can read".  And she could and did, ever after.

2. A good night's sleep, once I went to bed at 1:30.  I slept soundly until 10:00 am and woke up feeling much better.  I may even breath again.  They say you can't live without love but I find oxygen to be rather important too.

3. Danish blue cheese on toast for breakfast.  Now that is decadent.  Almost like home-made Baklava for breakfast on a school camping trip with Grade Sevens about 20 years ago.

4. My hounds are recovering from the last beating they gave each other about 2 weeks ago. Volk is pretty much healed up.  Bobik, who got the beating of his life, will take another couple of weeks.  Both will take all winter to regrow all the hide they lost off their faces.  They are going to become consultants as soon as I can get the vet arranged.  Enough is enough.

5. Tanya's last (??) box of fall bulbs arrived.  Only $25 this time.  They don't go in until late in October anyhow.  Between 200 to 250 planted and another 50 to 75 to go.  Now sure where, but Tanya assures me she has a (new) plan. She worked three solid days clearing out flowers to make room for bulbs.

Sept 21 with bulbs planted in the clear areas
August 20 packed with flowers
Sept 21, bulbs in the clear areas - except for the angled path which is dog and cat run
August 20 filled with flowers


  1. Oh, dear. Being brutal with your dogs. You're lucky someone didn't call the police or the SPCA.
    Oh, wait. You're in the Ukraine. No such thing as SPCA. And police don't deal with dogs, at least the four-footed kind.

  2. I wasn't brutal. They did it to each other. Tanya says she can't understand why men go crazy over a women.

  3. Ohhhhh. It wuz a woman doggy causing the mayhem? And while they were chewing off each other's faces, where did the fair maiden go? To another doggy of course!

    Does the vet not do the "snip snip" procedure? It would save money in the long run.

  4. The vet will fix them IF I can get it organized. That should cool their ardour, I hope.
    The female was decent enough to hang around waiting for the fight to finish and then spent five days with Volk who refused to come home or even acknowledge my existence when I went looking for him.
    I read of studies of Rocky Mountain sheep and goats where they found that while the big macho males are hammering each other head against head, a sneaky little third male settles the female while the others are not paying attention. Macho is way over rated anyhow.


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