Saturday, September 24, 2011

Seven Day Wonder - GiST #7

1. Actually blogged seven days in a row, never mind GiST'd.
2. Asked a friend for a letter of reference and he threatened to put it on old UNDP letter head and add doctored pictures.  Worst of all he threatened to write the truth.  See if I ever bail his ass out of jail.
3. Felt like working for the first time in several days.  Laid down until the feeling went away.
4. Trying to look after Tanya who now has my cold.  She takes such good care of me, I wish she would let me take care of her. Mostly I do dishes and make tea. And give her lots of hugs.
5. Looks like I will have a small project in Kazakhstan in mid-November; enough to recoup my costs of July plus related marketing costs.  In my world breaking even is considered a huge profit.

1 comment:

  1. Well, BF, there are a lot of who subscribe to the theory that " breaking even is considered a huge profit." Like Bear, f'rinstance.
    The world is changing, and it is not getting better right now.
    I hope your significant otter is much better, quite soon. And you stay healthy too. OK? OK!


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