Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunshine and Sleeping Cats - GiST #9

1. My step-daughter-in-law. Today is *Lina's birthday.  I went to their place for lunch.  What a banquet she put on, just for the four of us (her mom and I extra).  Tanya joined us on Skype so she wouldn't transfer any germs.

2. Smiles from a happy little girl.  Yesterday I gave my old notebook computer to Natasha, Katya and Yuri's youngest daughter, who is 12. I deleted all my files and had MIR computer shop change all the programs to Russian language for her, bought a modem and paid the first months internet fees.   It will do to start her off even if it is old and very slow.

3. Home-made ham and split pea soup.  Easy internet recipe and tastes wonderful.  Will make it again.

4. Tanya helping me manage negotiations for contracts, keeping tabs on all the pieces.  My Manager!

5. Cats sleeping in the sun.  Kuchma fell asleep in the sun on his little bed .  Sun moved.  Cat didn't. Tanya put toys beside him.  Didn't even flick an ear. 

*Sometimes I spell it Lena, sometimes Lina.  Her name is pronounced Lee-na, not Len-a and not L-eye-na.  The Cyrllic I/i is pronounced ee.  Which is why the Ukrainian KKK member got confused when sent to the sheethouse but I digress.

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  1. Life is good and you are kind.
    The Ukraine seems to be doing good things to/for you.
    As long as you don't work too hard.


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