Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Grace in Small Things #3

1. Yesterday Lina and Tanya harvested all the grapes and started making grape juice.  They also collected a big box of walnuts from under our our trees.  Lots for banana bread this winter - I put a good half cup of chopped walnuts into each loaf.

2. The two families of young swallows that have been swopping around, practicing their wings, have disappeared for the winter. The young doves are still here.  There were a dozen or more, so beautiful in their light greys or browns, perched on top of the outbuilding. I opened the window to take a picture and they all flew away. Don't know if they are mourning doves or not but they are certainly morning doves.  They start hoo-hooing at the break of day. 

3. Coldrex hot lemon drink.

4. I finally have a plan of organization for the business plan I have been working on.  All the research I can do is done but what, where and how to include the information most logically had created writer's block(head).  The canned templates are OK to a point but. . .

5. Finding this song for Tanya


  1. So delightful, BF. And a true romantic.

  2. Awww they were so beautiful and so in love, brought back lotsa memories.

  3. these are so much fun to read - thank you, Al, for posting!!!

  4. Enjoying your GiST posts each day. Very good.

  5. Johnny and June were in love for their entire married life. They died young. She was 74 and he was 71, thoug in his last interview (its on YouTube) he looked closer to 91 or 101. I think I was nine when Johnny Cash released his first record and enjoyed his music and his message all my life.

    I am enjoying writing these GiST blogs. There are so many good things in this life to be thankful for yet they sometimes get over shadowed by the bigger events and problems of the world.

  6. I'm loving this grace in small things...especially the ice cream one!...

  7. afcg, I needed this. I have been reading too much American politics and I need to restore balance.


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