Monday, September 26, 2011

Mouse in the House - GiST #8

1. Kuchma caught a mouse on our upstairs landing.  It is fall; mice move indoors for winter. I felt sorry for the mouse but better the cat caught it than if I had to try.  Tanya was not going upstairs ever again with the mouse on the steps.

2. Skype - talked to all four of my kids and both spouses this weekend.  A 2 cent phone call to get them onto the computer and the rest is free.  Connection is hit and miss so the webcam is only on for a minute but at least we get to see each other.

3. Refillable ink cartridges for my Canon iP4300 printer.  Fast, easy and cheap (That's me). Brand is Color Way.  Website is in Ukrainian but the spelling is American.  Maybe it is available in NA too?

4. Ky and Lyn are successfully dealing with the challenges of their new jobs.  Meaning they haven't killed anyone yet or taken to strong drink.  Ky is marking assignments from her first year students.  She is quite positive about it.  Positive they are dumb as bricks but are teachable and will improve.  Lyn is coping with teenage boys who make her library smell like goat and with a filing system that appears to be more random than librarians are used to.

5. Tanya is feeling better this morning.  Got up, made tea, took her meds and went back to sleep. Head colds are no fun.  I gave her hugs and will try my hand at making soup.  Not chicken.  We ate that for supper last night.


  1. It was good to talk to you, Pop. See you in two months!

  2. To catch a mouse, think like a mouse. Set trap inside a shoebox turned upside down. Make wee hole in box and place box alongside the wall. They go in but never come out.

    I'm looking forward to fall and winter now. My old house used to get FULL of field mice. This one? I don't see how they can get in.

    I've been refilling my printers for 10 years. You switch printers, you have to switch the ink system. Canon is THE easiest to fill since it's merely empty plastic containers. One year supply of refill ink costs less than ink cartridge purchases at the store.

  3. I bought a kit from Staples one time with needle and syringe to refill Canon cartridges. Best sales gimmick ever for new cartridges. Color Way provide special empty cartridges that fit Canon that are easy to fill, don't need a needle.

    We will be laying down the mouse bait here shortly through out the attic, and behind the book shelves, in the garage etc. I think the mice thrive on the stuff.

  4. Maybe there is an advantage to having a Kuchma around your place.
    But not here. "No animals allowed." That includes mousers.

  5. Should be a law against places that don't allow animals. We are surrounded by animals here - dogs barking all night, roosters and geese all day. Doves and ravens, cuckoos and little brown chirpy birds. One gets used to the noise like one gets used to the quiet.

  6. Ha! I loved the way you phrased my positivity. You are spot on.

    To go all English prof on you, though, you may wish to put a "their" before "spouses" or it sounds like you've got several wives. I don't think Tanya'd stand for that.

  7. Good point, Prof Ky. Definitely do NOT want two spouses. ...both their spouses...still doesn't sound right. Both kid-in-laws might do it.

  8. We have a Canon ip5200 that costs a fortune for new cartridges. I am going to check out refillable cartridges. I like cheap if the print quality is good.

    Glad to hear Tanya is getting better. Give her an extra hug from Elaine and I.


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