Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Mediterranean Coast - GiST # 10

1. We arrived at the Sumela Hotel about 45 minutes south of Antalia on the southern Turkey Coast for a two week stay at this 3 star hotel.  The water is wonderful.  Even I can 'swim" way out over my head and not panic.
2. The first room they showed us to was a disaster,  Very small but with a nice bathroom.  For $30 Tanya got us moved to a larger room at the opposite end of the hotel from the entertainment stage which plays thump thump music to about midnight.
3. The website said Wi-Fi.  There is a trick to that.  For no cost you hook up to the cable at the front desk and check email.  It is painfully slow.  BUT if you ask the right questions, one of the young men who works there signs you onto the hotel Wi-Fi network which does exist but cost $5 per day for the first 8 days (the next 6 are free).  Only in the lobby but who cares.
4. Our luggage arrived with us.  This morning in Boryspol Airport for 5:00 am take off, they were loading 4 planes for Antalia and one for Sharem el Sheik.  We figured our luggage would end up there.  (Murphy was an optimist).
5. We won't starve.  The salad bar is loaded with fresh vegetables (and hot banana peppers) and the four hot dishes are adequate and tasty.

Pictures tomorrow.


  1. It sounds very nice. Have a great break. We have found that when we travel and there's not ready access to email we start to shake. We get so used to 24/7 access. Enjoy the hot peppers.

  2. Wow. You are the international traveller. But I suppose you place is closer to south Turkey than Saskatoon is to Toronto.
    Hope you have a wonderful time. And stay healthy. Sick in no fun on a holiday.

  3. Antalia is 2 hours from Kyiv.
    We are both over our colds enough that we are not sick. Today is +40C, This is our third trip. Last one to a three start resort, I think.


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