Monday, February 8, 2010

Now BLUE aint the word for the way that I feel*

When Webb Pierce recorded those words over 50 years ago, Yulia Timoshenko wasn't even born but I am sure it is her theme song tonight.  Victor Yanukovich is the new president of Ukraine by a margin of about 3% in what was said to be clean and well run balloting.  There may be some recounts but Yulia does not have a hope of getting it annulled  on the basis of fraud.

She will likely be able to maintain enough support in the Verkovna Rada to stay on as Prime Minister but one hopes the two will do more useful work and much less squabbling than she and Yushchenko this past five years.  The problem is the Ukrainian constitution is somewhat like the French constitution, with powers divided between both president and prime minister.  When they are on opposite sides of the fence it is tough enough in a mature democracy like France, but here in Ukraine, it is a nightmare.

Turnout was 69% or 25 million voters.  One million voted "against both parties".  I love that clause and think more countries should adpot it on their ballots.

* Crazy Arms by R.Mooney and C.Seals

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