Friday, February 19, 2010


Apparently my oatmeal raisin/chocolate chip cookies are a hit with the family next door.  They want to take a batch and the recipe to the local tea and bake shop to put on their product list.  I was a bit slow at getting the demo batch done so yesterday Lucia was over to get the recipe.  Tanya translated it and explained it to her and loaned her a measuring cup which she had never seen before.

Today she made a batch as a trial run.  She was phoning Tanya every few minutes. She had to use all white sugar as there is no brown sugar in Ukraine, except in the big cities and it is expensive at $8 per pound.  She brought over four cookies for Tanya and I to check out and they were wonderful.  Baked to perfection, crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle, as cookies ought to be.  Tasted great.  I thought better than mine, Tanya said to me later not as good as mine. (Did I mention I love my wife?).

Lucia brought the measuring cup back.  Having used it once she will never need one again in her life for any recipe.

Next will be Johnny cake.  If I can find cornmeal that isn't too coarse.  Or does it matter?


  1. We had your oatmeal bars the other night. SO GOOD.

  2. Does you list of skills ever end, BF?

  3. Funny thing about there being no brown sugar. I wonder if that's simply because there is little demand for it.

  4. is there molasses? i make brown sugar by adding it to white. and you could grind the cornmeal in a coffee grinder.
    apparently my husband is a great baker- i'm looking forward to retirement

  5. If there were no molasses either, now THAT would be bad. I can do without sugar easily enough but not molasses.

  6. Supply and demand is a chicken and egg thing. When we bought brown sugar in the big box store in Dnipro, the clerk asked what one did with it. I'm sure there is molasses in the big city too.
    Sugar here is all sugarbeet based. I don't know if there is molasses from sugarbeet. Tanya says they fed molasses to cows in Soviet times.
    I have two small boxes of molasses from Canada that I am saving for cookies.


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