Thursday, February 11, 2010

The wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees,

Andrei and Tanya got back yesterday afternoon.  The roads were a little better but still very bad.  It was warm and the snow was wet and heavy.  Andrei slid off the track in front of our place and finally called a bunch of his friends to come help.  He and I and a shovel couldn't quite do it.  He took the car into town and kept it there.

The wind howled all last night and all today.  If it had not been 0C yesterday it would be some storm out there but there is no drifting.  Andrei, Lena and Tanya set out for P'yatikhatki at noon (30 km) today.  Tanya walked to the corner so Andrei wouldn't get stuck again.   They never got to the edge of town.  All the streets were glare ice.  There were car accidents everywhere and every exit road from Zhovti Vody was blocked with a jackknifed semi-trailer.  Tanya bought groceries and came home. 

Compared with DC we are coping not bad.  I read they quit plowing the streets.  Washington City Council obviously believes that if God put it there, He can take it away. 

I used to feel that way about my sidewalks in Regina but the City soon saw it differently.  God may have put it there but YOU, home owner, will shovel it away.  Onto your lawn, not onto the streets, they added, just for good measure.  Grumble, grumble grumble.  Shovel, shovel, shovel.

Spring will come soon here.


  1. I suggested that option to Wade last month and he said God would take too long, so he might as well do it.

  2. Another Heavenly snow-job.

    Reminds me of your last post, somehow. Let's see:

    S n o w j o b
    19+14+15+23+10+15+2 = 98 +2 for the hyphen = 100%

    So there you have it. (What "it" is, however, is open to conjecture.)

    (Wasn't it nicer when I couldn't see and thus couldn't write things?)

  3. Except that Andrei was not "The Highwayman" on Thursday.

  4. Hey, RB, glad you are back. You disappear just long enough for me to worry.


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