Thursday, February 25, 2010

My wife has nice buns

"Come downstairs and take a picture of my buns*"

* Don't worry, she is well aware of the double entendre.


  1. Oooh! They look so yummy!!

  2. My cousin in Iowa emailed me the following comments:

    I printed off your apology form. I think it is brilliant! I like the buns, too. Those look like kolachis, which are a traditional yeast sweetbread bun with fruit inside. Often, the ladies that make them put a thin frosting glaze on them, too. A few miles NE of here there are little towns that were settled by Czechs, and ladies from those families still make kolachi & are locally famous for it. One lady who goes to my church in Malcom makes them, taught by her mom & grandmom before her.
    I can see the evidence of Tanya's green thumb in the bun photo, too. I'm down to a few succulents here.......shefelera, sansiveria, aloe and pepperonia. Does she get seed catalogs to pour over this time of the year?

    The all-purpose apology is printed out, resting in the tray. I will be fillin' it out here in a little bit. Love from us here. Alice

  3. Enough buns to feed the Ukrainian Army, almost. Ideal, too, for Bears coming out of hibernation.

    I should get her recipe.

  4. RB will see what I can do. It will be pretty sketchy but you can fake it.


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