Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Lunch today was amazingly simple and simply amazing.  
I love my wife. She says I always tell her that AFTER I've eaten.

Lookin' out our back door.  
Not much by snow country standards but pretty impressive for central Ukraine. 
Tanya says it is the most snow in 10 years.


  1. Looks mighty impressive, to me!! (Both the lunch and the snow)

  2. We've decided that this year we would send you all the snow we normally get here during the winter. I hope you enjoy the gift.

  3. The lunch IS impressive, Ky. And the snow proves either a) there is no global warming, or b) your dad is a "snow magnet."

    Taking bets?

  4. One of these days when I am in a rally bad mood, I am going to blog about Anthropomorphic Global Warming. The nutbars who worshiped Marxist-Leninist Thought now have a new excuse to try to "perfect" people.

  5. Perfect people? Hell really WILL freeze over before that happens.

    You can trust the (Canadian) Bear on that one!


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