Saturday, February 6, 2010

Neither Orange or Blue, Just Plain White

By Tuesday, temperatures of +3 had melted most of the snow and left the streets a rutty mess. Wednesday it dropped to -3 and stormed all day, dumping at least 30 cm of snow.  We were supposed to go to Dnipro for a meeting but at 7:00 am got stuck in the driveway so declined the honour. 
 No snow on Tuesday night and by Thursday it was deep everywhere

Andrei wanted to borrow the car, later that day.  We told him sure; bring your own shovel.  It stopped snowing at dusk and the village hired an industrial loader from the farm across the way to clear the main roads so people could go to work the next day.  Zhenia persuaded him to take a side trip past our two houses, which he reluctantly did.

The loader went as far as our drive and didn't clear the rest of the street so of course, someone thought it was open, got to our place and then got stuck.

The next day at noon, I shoveled the car out onto the single track road and we drove to town.  It was an emergency - Tanya HAD to pay for her flower, bulb, shrub and tree order.  There was a single track set of ruts, all the way to town and the car dragged the entire trip.  With ice under the snow, if I had stopped it could have been final. Andrei drove us back - it always seems easier when he does it - and then took the car to Krivii Rih.  By this time it was snowing heavy again so he stayed the night and most of the next day until the road was open.

It was dark when he brought the car back last night.  Kuchma Kot, who hadn't been home for a day or so, must have heard him coming as he appeared out of the darkness about four blocks from home and raced  for home ahead of the car.  He would NOT get off the road and let Andrei by.  I wish I had the video Andrei took on his mobile phone of that cat in the headlights running for his life.

The pile of snow was as far as the road was opened by the loader.  You can see where the dogs headed out to play and changed their minds in the deep snow. It didn't take me long to shovel the ridge from our drive, surprisingly enough.

Today was sunny and only -5.  The snowplow had gone by early in the morning, a single pass, so I shoveled the ridge away from the drive way while the hounds enjoyed racing about on the cleared track, running back to see if I needed them for anything.

The dogs love the snow and raced around the entire time I was outside.  Trying to get them still enough for a photo was tricky but they finally posed.

Zhenia's garage is at the back of his lot and he had a lot of shoveling to do.  He got half way and took a break.  I'd have stayed home until spring. Next winter we will get a snow blower if this keeps up.


  1. A snow blower would be a wise investment. You might be able to make some cash on the side by helping neighbours.

  2. Hell, no. I would give it to the neighbour to love cherish and plow his driveway and mine too. There isn't enough money in this country to pay people to do stuff door to door with machines.

    I watched six men shoveling the parking lot at the local grocery store. They needed the work. I would never take that from them.

  3. Ah! A new insight for the Bear about what life is really like in the Ukraine these days.

  4. Hey Rob-bear, did you notice Allen said "IF" this keeps up? lol

    Buy that snowblower dear. You can use it to blow the leaves in the fall too.

  5. Dana, sorry but soggy leaves don't move well with a blower of any kind. Falls here tend to be long and damp sometimes and either one rakes the leaves by hand or they just lay there and rot.

    We are due for about 20 to 30 years of "old fashioned winters" according to what I read so maybe I will buy the snowblower next fall. Too late this year. We are scheduled for + temps this week and next month is spring.


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