Friday, February 19, 2010

Car Insurance

We renewed the insurance on our car today.  It ran out tomorrow.  I thought it had run out last week.

We had trouble finding an agent.  The little insurance office by the DIA vehicle registration office was vacant every time we went by and the phone number in the window didn't work.  Tanya finally got on the internet, found the company website and talked to the office in Dnipro.  She gave them all the information and today a lady from somewhere in the DIA office building came over to the insurance office to finish the process. 

It took over an hour.  Masha and I had a snowball fight to kill time while we were waiting.  First Tanya got the invoice and then went to the bank to pay it.  The bank wouldn't have anything to do with anything plastic so we then had to get cash from a Bankomat and go back.  Once it was paid for, the insurance lady needed pictures of the car.  She didn't have a camera so went to find someone who did.  A girl in the DIA office had a cell phone camera.  It didn't work.  A guy from the office had a camera and took pictures but had no way to get them to the insurance company.

We went for groceries, went home and took the pictures ourselves and emailed them to the office in Dnipro.

I have become that most-to-be-feared driver - an old man with no neck and a hat.


  1. That is a very cute picture. And that hat suits you well!

  2. Yes, the picture is good.

    Almost as good as the Ukrainian car insurance business is.

    Are you losing weight?

  3. You're absolutely adorable.

  4. we just transferred car insurance from our totalled vehicle to the new one this week. i'm now thankful for our system of electronics and plastics. doesn't make for good stories though.

  5. You mean to tell me we're ahead of you on car insurance? I can call my agent, give him the vin number and swing by his office at my leasure for proof of insurance card.

  6. Sounds like everything you do over there is an adventure. Keep smiling!

  7. VIN, I only wish. They also want motor S/N and the FRAME NUMBER. I never knew there was such a thing until we registered the car two years ago. Under the passenger seat in the floor is a little plastic door on clips which allows access to the frame number. One almost has to dismantle the front seat to see it.


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