Saturday, February 13, 2010

Going back in time

This morning my email held two "going back in time" items. 

Anyone who loves old cars will be enthralled by this slideshow.
Relive the 1950s and 60s

This photo was in a PDF of a research report from U of S Animal and Poultry Science from years back.  I am on the left.

The picture was taken in 74 or 75 when I was in grad school.  We are making silage in these culverts, lined with plastic.  Worked great for digestibility trials.  We would fill and weigh plastic garbage tubs; dump them into the culvert and pack the silage by foot.  We took samples of the fresh forage and then the silage after about 4 to 6 weeks.  The silage in each would feed four steer calves for a month.  The final week we measured everything that went in and came out.  Digestibility being determined by difference.  We filled dozens of the little silos.  I fed steers and collected and analysed feed and feces all winter for two years.

Packing the silage by foot reminds me of my brother explaining to someone that in the big upright silos in Ontario, they would put a very old horse into the empty silo and the horse would walk around and around while the silo was being filled to pack it down.  Once the silage reached the top of the silo, they would shoot the horse and push it over the side.


  1. so is this an admission that you were creating "manure" during an important part of your life?

    Yup; sounds like grad school all right!

  2. Creating then disturbing. My life's mission.


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