Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spaghetti for supper

Tanya and Andrei went to Dnipro today.  It was about -1 and snowing.  The roads were terribly slippery so I was glad it was Andrei who took her.  They decided it was not worth the risk of coming home tonight.  Wise move.

So I made spaghetti for supper.  Tanya cannot eat food cooked with tomato sauce as it gives her heartburn (even without all the stuff I like to throw in) so I took advantage of the situation. 

She will stay with our friend Alexandr who was our neighbour for a while when we lived in Dnipro in 2007.  Alexandr is another victim of the old system.  She worked as a computer programmer in the Soviet space program (NASA equivalent) which was HQ'd in Dnipro.  the rocket factory is still there and active.  Radiation from the computer screen destroyed much of her thyroid function and eventually led to her blindness.  She is not even 60 and looks 80.  Tanya keeps tabs on her and looks in on her every so often to see how she is. Alexandr knows that she can call Tanya in an emergency.

I hope the snow stops and the plows and sanding trucks are out tomorrow.  If not I will make spaghetti again.

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