Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Flowers

The last rose of summer
Blooming Idiots

Another week of warm weather and this one will be covered in blossoms

The Constant Gardener

These survived the dogs' diggings

Ronald looks on while Tanya works

Still a few bravely blooming

Windfall apples

Lots more where they came from


  1. Delightful pictures, BF, of your garden and the gardener.

    Everything here is covered with snow and ice. Today is the first day on which the high for the day will be Zero°C or lower.

    Yup; I'm ready to hibernate (see my blog for details).

  2. I wish our apples were as plentiful this fall. I'd be stocking up on apple pies and fruit leather!

    And Ronald is getting so big, I can hardly believe it's the same dog.

  3. Very nice flowers and gardener.

  4. How nice to see flowers. Flowers are pretty much gone here except some very hardy mums.

  5. Hi, Dawn. Thanks for dropping by. I checked out your (Cup of Tea" blog and will catch the other shortly.

    Yes, the garden and the gardener are quite lovely, thank you. And Ronald is bigger than Bobik and Volk.


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