Monday, June 6, 2011

Agro 2011 - Combines and Tractors

I am always happy when Ukraine does things for itself, instead of importing.  Like make farm machinery.  (Now all my Saskatchewan buddies will be mad.  Sask, and Canada, exports a pile of machinery to Ukraine every year).  There were all kinds of Ukraine mfrd combines this year, along with the usual John Deere, New Holland and Caterpillar.  Combines made in Bila Tserkva, Kherson, Slavutych and Kharkiv, along with other made in Russia and Belarus.  Krasnoyarsk combines are now made in Ukraine at Bila Tserkva.  Not sure if there are other Russian brands built here or if they are local brands.

Lots of tractors too, built in Ukraine, along with Russian and the well known Belarus tractors.  Many small makes from China along with lots of equipment for small farms.  Nice to see stuff that is for the little guys too.

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  1. In spring a young man's heart turns to . . . tractors.


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