Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Agro 2011 - Some Booth Babes for the Boys

No exhibition is complete without booth babes, apparently.  Khortytsya Horilka (in Ukrainian, Vodka in Russian) is one of the better brands in Ukraine. These young women were working the Khortytsya brand, preparing some traditional dish for free lunch giveaway.  I think it was buckwheat kasha (porridge) which is eaten here like we eat potatoes or rice in North America.  They did not look particularly happy, either with their work or with themselves, I am not sure which.  Maybe both.

They knew why they were there and why they were dressed the way they were.  Not much to be proud of but sex sells alcohol.  (And alcohol sells sex - "Krombacher beer - helping ugly people get laid since 1516").

Funny but if those same girls wearing equally revealing clothes of their own choosing (likely less mid-rift and more cleavage though) were walking down Khreshchatik with their friends or boyfriends, they would be happy and confident.  And they would look a lot sexier than they did "selling" vodka.


  1. now that's the kind of booth I could enjoy.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. Degradation is always sad.

  3. Like Ky said. If those lovely young women rather enjoy dressing to attract attention and think the attention is fun, or even funny, that's fine. If they're uncomfortable and feel cheapened it's a bad thing all around.

  4. When the young women "get dressed up to go downtown" they dress to look good and feel good. If they dress to attract attention, SW, it is a waste of time. The local boys don't even glance at the girls that the North American guys are breaking their necks over. There are too many and "they all look like that", I guess.

  5. They do look sad. And way too skinny. Yikes.


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