Friday, June 3, 2011

Agro 2011

Tanya and I are sitting in Friday's just finished supper.  I had a Jack Daniels Sirloin RARE.  It was heaven.
We are in Kyiv for three days to see the Ag Machinery and Livestock show that is held here every early June.  It is 90% farm machinery and 10% livestock or maybe 85:15.  I have pictures which I will blog once we get home (Saturday night our time).  We met with a potential client, and just missed another but will connect next week.  Ran into several old friends.

Today I looked at the machinery and Tanya toured the market stalls set up on the outskirts, for more flowers. Tomorrow we go back so she can buy what she saw, just before we go to the train so the plants suffer less from the heat. She only bought bulbs today.

We are staying in a nicely furnished private flat on Vinograd street (Grapevine). I had actually stayed in that building several years back as it is quite close to the former STEP office and I know the area well.  Tonight we walked down Lipska street to Institutska and then down Institutska to Khreshchatik.  A 45 minute leisurely stroll.  Khreshchatick on a warm summer weekend evening is a wonderful street to stroll along.  All the buskers are out - break dancers, musicians, singers, bag ladies with their dogs and cats.

And of course the micro-skirts, barely there tops and 4" heels are all over the place.  Though I no longer care if I miss seeing any of them.  I have to smile at North American response to them - They look like they are hookers.  No, they look like hookers look like in North America.  Here it is standard dress up to go out wear.  Girl watchers paradise. I have no pictures, sorry boys.


  1. Let me get this straight. You're going to post photos of farm equipment. OK, that's your field; I understand that. But no pics of the local lovelies in their "standard dress up to go out wear"?


  2. I have to laugh at the description of the young ladies...I think it is becomming standard fare in USA also after going to my niece's law school graduation party. In fact that was was my exact remark to my husband..."Gosh, all the girls look like hookers"...he didn't dare Looking forward to your consumerism of my fav least my trailers are re-cycle..(I tell myself)


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