Monday, June 6, 2011

Agro 2011 - Location

If I don't do my own blog before I start on the backlog of other people's that need reading, I will be another day without anything posted.

The  Agro 2011 show that Tanya and I attended last week was held in a new exhibition park in Kyiv.  It was just off the Metro so easy to reach by public transport but there were still cars parked everywhere for blocks around.  Kyiv now has three exhibition parks, one older one and two new ones.  The old one, which is quite far from public transportation, is where the show was last time I attended about three years ago.  That exhibition park is rumoured to now belong to the son of President Yanukovich, which is quite possible.

For many years, even in Soviet times, the show was held about 30 km from Kyiv by the village of Alexandrivka near Boryspil.  I attended twice at that location.  Not the best as after heavy rains it was 6" deep in water in many places.  However several years back, the location suddenly had new owners who wanted exorbitant fees for allowing the fair to continue there.

It was moved to Kyiv to the old exhibition grounds.  All the investment that many companies had put into the old location in terms of permanent structures were simply lost. The Kyiv location was better for machinery and worse for cattle.  Cattle numbers dropped considerably at the show. This year it was moved again to this new place - three huge halls plus outdoor space.  Again great for machinery bad for livestock but easy to get to for city dwellers.

With this picture and the one below, you can get an idea of the facility
Click on this to enlarge
Inside one of the halls.  The others were crowded so it was easier to take a panorama picture here.

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